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If you remember the days of tiis ganda (a term coined to refer to suffering in the name of fashion), then you’re probably wincing along with me as memories resurface: blistered soles, coerced graceful movements for fear of flashing, and the overall feeling of discomfort brought about by un-walkable shoes, heavy accessories, suffocating corsets and spanx-like fabrics.

To be fair, I still wear the occasional heel and am still tempted once in a while to buy them for a good price (I’m not immune to the sirens of sales.) But 95% of the time now, I’m in flats. Not going against my downward (comfort) spiral, I’ve also come to fully embrace an everyday uniform – one that consists of these jeans and a loose, easy top. Okay, maybe not everyday ‘coz that’s just gross but I do wear these jeans about once a week. So functional, so easy. Add to that my new, no-fuss hairdo that entails a nondescript headband – an idea lifted from Marc Jacobs’ F/W 2014 collection. (Remember Kendall Jenner’s see-through MJ look? Yup, that headband look.)

I remember wearing so many rings on my fingers to work I had to remove them all after 5 minutes just to type. Or how I would cross the street tremendously slow for fear of falling and scratching my bare legs. Or feeling extra uncomfortable walking as construction workers along the way catcall (but that’s probably a different sexist issue altogether.) My point is, unless I’m otherwise required to glam up, wear heels and make sure my hair strands are perfectly in place, I won’t. Now, as long as I can manage, I’ll let easy outfits lead the way. My clothes shouldn’t be added stressors. They should be stress-relievers (holler if you agree!)

While I’m on the topic of making my life a little easier – at least sartorially – let me share something I’m really excited about in terms of service. I talk a lot about new Smart promos for my phone in the hopes of sharing with you promos I find most abusable – kidding – most budget-friendly with the best value for money I think you would like to take advantage of too (because in my head you and I think alike and it is, therefore, up to me to be the bearer of good news.) But I do know that it gets difficult to keep track of promo options or even balances and everything else you need to know about your phone (which we don’t think is a lot but actually is and Siri can only do so much). So here’s the new *121# menu that is the all-in-one menu for everything Smart Prepaid.

Memorize it, screen cap it, make Siri take note of it, write it on a sharpie on your forearm, whatever – just don’t forget it. This number will let you access your balance, browse and subscribe to the latest promos and offers, redeem loyalty points and so much more – all to help us simplify our phone experience. Admit it, as happy as we are with unlimited Facebook (and twitter (and instagram)), sometimes, the actual subscription gets pretty tough to manage. So you can now refresh your memory, delete all the promo keywords you previously memorized and just remember this.

Don’t forget the * and the #, okay?  For more information, check this out.

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photography by Happy Fingers

Fringe sweater, BILLABONG | Pants, UNIQLO | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK