Top, PENSHOPPE | Shorts, SABRINA | Heels,  SM Parisian | Vest, LEVI’S | Beanie & ring, FOREVER21 

Props to my outfit’s inspiration – B-Side-going dudes who don Coldplay-like beanies plus rock n’ roll denim vests. Uh-huh. I’m in a beanie funk. I discovered in today’s shoot – after multiple q’s and even more takes – that my fashion philosophy is to “dress the way you want.” So who cares if my head is reminiscent of an egg yolk? Then again, trust no judgment of mine when food is (sorta) involved. Egg yolk or not, this outfit is actually part of the 7 menswear tips I’m giving at this month. Not to coerce you or anything but you should probably check it out. Just saying.