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The idea of rolling in the sand has always been appealing. I imagine Victoria’s Secret angels splashing about in waters then rolling over playfully in the sand – kind of sexily wrestling each other to be exact. Why that image is buried in my head, I don’t necessarily know. Blame it on Alessandra Ambrosio and her Instagram feed. (It just has that vibe, you know?) I didn’t quite intend to come anywhere near their sandy antics as the practicality of being in the sand turns me off rather quickly. Hard-to-remove morsels are always the worst on both the body and on footwear. And sand that goes unnoticed usually finds its way onto the cleanest of beds. Cue Alanis Morissette crying out “ironic.”

On one random afternoon in Balesin Island for the Nivea Come Closer event though, I decided to just take the plunge. Maybe it was prompted by how surreal the Balesin experience was or maybe it was the strong call of the sea and its sandy shores. So with cute dress in tow, I knelt rather awkwardly at first, and gave in to see what the sand had to render my anxiety and photography. It did wonders to calm me, surprisingly, and, unsurprisingly, it rendered an amazing landscape to take photos in.

Oh, nature, you have done it again. And for making me feel one with you I will forget about the solid five minutes I took just trying to get sand off myself, outside the bedroom door with a painful view of my very white and very comfortable bed, before finally being able to enter the room without leaving my own trail.