To celebrate the bests of 2011, is doing a voting for all things best. They have Best Fashion Trend, Best Dressed Celebrity, Best Preview Cover,  and Style Star 2011 among others. Stylebible also has a Fashion Blogger of the Year category and to my surprise, I’m one of the bloggers in the list. 😐 (yipes!)

Okay, some people may say that it’s shallow that I’m getting extremely ecstatic and giddy over this. But stiiill. I find it so surreal that I’m one of the nominees.  (Yes, I talk about it like it’s the Golden Globes.)

The bloggers in list are Camille Co, Tricia Gosingtian, Laureen Uy, Shai Lagarde,    Aisa Ipac, Kookie Buhain, Lexi Gancayco and myself (as I typed ‘myself’ I was  resisting the urge to change the font size and make it tiny to match how I was saying it in my head). The reason for me being in the same list as these people escapes me. They are such inspirations to so many people (including me, of course) that I think it’s such an honor to even have my name alongside theirs. To put it simply, this whole thing has got me dumbstruck.

So to, thank you thank you thank you! You guys are the sweetest <3

Anyway, it would be AMAZING if you guys could go vote for your fashion blogger pick (well, if you vote for me that would be even better. HAHA). Here is the link:

Tiny little detail: you need to have an account to vote. But it’s absolutely easy to sign up. #justsayin anyway, votes would very much appreciated with each one getting me spiraling into my happy dance. HAHA

Check out the other categories and vote for your other favorites too here at

Oh and don’t forget to always check out . You can follow them on Twitter too @stylebibleph 😉

Again, thank you thank you thank you. This is such a blessing. Thank you. 🙂