I’m rarely ever sporty. Time and again I’ve talked about my lack of athleticism so I won’t even bother enumerating the ways in which sports escape me. I just find it interesting how powerful accessories can really get- add a cap AND a pair of sneakers (which are surprisingly mine) to your otherwise normal ensemble and immediately you seem like you have stronger muscles and nimble limbs.

Not to brag but you can also blame that notion on the popping bulge on my calf. At first I thought it looked like a leg (the kind that you make cartoons out of- leave it to me to associate everything with food) but I was told that it’s actually “nice” and “cool.” Honestly though, not sure how I could trust enabling of friends after my copper hair mishap garnered the same initial reaction. Trust me, it was neither “nice” nor “cool” and I’m still living with its carrot-hued aftermath.

I’ll leave you to decide for yourself. Although if you fall on the negative side of the leg appreciation spectrum, try to keep mum and your thoughts to yourself. Otherwise, feel free to fool me into thinking my legs are a lot more muscular than they really are.

Trust me when I say the gym they have seen not.

Outfit shot for NAVA | Photography by Anton Aguila | Styling by Danika Rio | Makeup by Keith