So I’ve been wearing jeans (non-skinny at that) for two days in a row. That totally says something. I think. 😐

Here’s what I wore to hear mass and have lunch at Shang. 🙂 I didn’t realize that my colors were pink (see the lips and the nails) and green. (Remember Tommy and Kimberly from the Power Rangers? <3 <—— GEEK. Still a lot better than saying I was inspired by Shrek, right? hahaha) ANYWAY, here’s the outfit. 🙂

Clothes: Top, Charlotte Russe; Jeans, Aeropostale; Heels, Parfois; Bag, Forever21; Bracelet, H&M

Channeling Shrek? Chos. haha

and because it’s Easter (and coz I want to celebrate that the sem’s over) I did a little shopping. 😀

I got myself a couple dresses and a couple knit tops. Oh, and make up! haha I BOUGHT CONCEALER!!! coz the eyebags don’t want to disappear. 😐 So I will tap them frantically with my new magic (concealer) brush. 😀

Topshop is on sale, btw. All RSSI stores are. So Topman, Warehouse and Trucco are on sale too. 🙂 So go go go and grab whatever fits. HAHA

Happy Easter everybody! 😀