Here’s something I want you guys to think about as the year begins – something I really wanted to share.

Last Christmas I heard mass here in Michigan and, surprisingly, really enjoyed the homily.

The priest told us the story of the book The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. And it goes like this:

A newly married couple was going to spend their first Christmas together. And financially speaking, they were barely getting by. However, they each had something they held dearly. The wife’s was her gorgeous hair while the husband’s was his watch that was passed down from generations. Hair and a watch – their most prized possessions.

Since they didn’t have money, they agreed to not give each other a gift for Christmas. Little did they know that they both went behind the other’s back and set off to get the other a gift.

The girl, having nothing, sold her hair to be able to buy her husband a watch.

The guy sold his watch to get his wife a beautiful bedazzled comb.

Come Christmas day they gave each other the gifts and smiled.

The couple sacrificed the objects they held most dear in order to make their loved one happy. The priest then likened this to how God sent his own son, his most prized possession, to save us – a true testament of love.

The priest then asked what we were sacrificing this Christmas then challenged us to show our loved ones we care this Christmas.

I want you guys to take that challenge one step further. Show your loved ones how much you care this coming year. Add it to whatever New Year’s Resolution list you already have and actually keep it. There should never be a single season/holiday to show your love nor an expiry date to showing it.

So go forth and make someone happy this 2012. 😉

Have a happy, meaningful and extremely wonderful 2012.