There’s nothing that relaxes me more than catching up on my reading. (Except for maybe a spa, fresh flowers and my jasmine-scented room spray.) Been abusing my mornings by popping a book or magazine while having breakfast. My recent favorites: Revenge Wears Prada, Dan Brown’s Inferno by way of an iBook and magazines I have recently subscribed to from Zinio. Subscribing is surprisingly addicting especially since they keep throwing free issues and gift cards my way. Not that I’m complaining. I’m actually thoroughly enjoying that with my new #SmartLTEiPad, I could just go over them when I’m a little low on inspiration.

This gadget though, aside from letting me read with ease (and play Candy Crush), has allowed for quick closet additions. I found the absolute perfect boutique – Sway Chic – with it’s corresponding perfect site – swaychic.com. It’s probably weird that my store soulmate is thousands of miles away in a state I currently wish I was in (which I actually just bought a reminder of in the form of an iPhone case): California.

While a lot of stores cater to a lot of individuals spanning different personalities and styles, I feel like this store – with its multitude of crop tops – is speaking directly to me. Seriously though, I’m so happy to have discovered their site am very grateful to have been gifted a few pieces which are now waiting for me patiently in Michigan. And as soon as I get back I promise to abuse them incessantly. Hopefully I could drop by their Cali boutique too and see the pieces live (and maybe overspend?). If not, well, there’s always the website. Clicking my woes away and consoling myself with new clothes will always be therapeutic.

I compiled some of my favorites below. Because I’m sure you’ll love them too, here is their site for your clicking purposes: SwayChic.com.


And if you want to know which ones I got, it’s the wristlet above and this amazing backless striped top below. Patting myself on the back for choosing wisely.



This post is powered by the Smart LTE iPad