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Let’s get right down to it: Forever 21 is holding a giveaway where you can win GCs worth Php3,000.

But before we’re knee deep in mechanics, let me talk a little about Forever 21. I’ve been a fan of the brand since I was 14 when I saw my cousin wear this poncho (that Jasmine Trias was also wearing circa American Idol Season 3.) She brought me to the branch in Michigan and ever since, I have dubbed the gazillion-hectare store – an exaggeration, I know, but still- my new favorite. A decade later and not much has changed.

Now that Forever 21 has been open in Manila I still find myself grabbing pieces from them whenever I can. And when I’m feeling particularly vulnerable I head to any branch to eat my woes away. F21 shopping is the sweetest escape. First of all, it has about anything and everything any person would want or need in one’s closet. It’s the nail salon to my Elle woods, the Oz to my Dorothy and the Malibu to my Barbie. (Also, the rehab to my Lindsay? Kidding!) Second of all, the prices always make you feel like you’re outsmarting the laws of saving and spending. You’re always getting good deals and value for money. Third, I’m willing to bet you always look cute when you wear Forever21. And that you can’t put a price tag on.

In this schoolgirl outfit, I think what brought it all together was this Forever 21 skirt. I was bordering on being a 90s incarnate (in a bad way) had I worn overalls or something else with this but the skirt brought it back to the now. To be fair, my F21 pieces always make the outfit or, at the very least, if it’s a matching piece, always brings the look together. And that’s why we keep coming back for more. Don’t lie to me, I know you probably have as big an addiction to the brand as I do. We are, after all, connected on some sartorial level.

I recently got a Forever 21 gift bag and while the contents were awesome, I’d still love to shop for more. So, here are the mechanics for a lucky reader to win Php 3,000 worth of Gift Certificates!

Forever 21 Giveaway mechanics:
1. Like Forever 21 Philippines on Facebook ( 
2. Follow Forever 21 Philippines ( and Alyssa Lapid ( on Instagram.
3. Create your own collage* of your Forever 21 outfit using Paint, Photoshop, or any other photo editing software.
4. Upload your photo on Instagram with a creative caption and tag three of your friends. 
5. Don’t forget to tag us on instagram (@f21philippines) and include the hashtags #IAmForever21PH and #Forever21XAlyssaLapid to make it easier for us to track your entries!
6. Spread the news on Twitter with this link:
*Mechanics on the Collage: 
1. Create a collage (a ala Polyvore/product shots) of a FULL Forever 21 outfit. You can view and grab the photos of Forever 21 pieces from the current collection here:  (
2. Feel free to use other decorative elements to add your own touch to the design (think: flowers, beaches, type, up to you) as long as all the clothing items are from Forever 21.
Note: The giveaway will be running until October 20. The more outfits you come up with, the higher the chances of winning!
Important Note: Please don’t spam with the same outfit. Contestants who repost the same outfit more than once will be disqualified. Get creative if you want to win!

Looking forward to reading your entries and getting major style envy. School me when it comes to collaging, okay?

#IAmForever21PH Styling Contest Poster