Here’s another chronologically unsound post from Michigan. I think this is the last of them though so we can finally make proper sense of time or, at least, geographic location. Here’s a quick post of an even quicker trip to Birch Run then Frankenmuth. For as long as I can remember, Birch Run has always been my happy place – one with a series of acres dedicated solely to outlet stores. I haven’t been though in around 5 years and it honestly isn’t as awesome as I remember. It’s highly likely that I fell out of love with most of the brands – although the roster now includes ones I support like AEO, Aeropostale, BCBG, Calvin Klein, Nine West and a whole lot more. Don’t get me wrong – I did shop (deals were more than I could’ve hoped for) but the idea of the place didn’t get me as excited as when I was, say, 9. And sometimes you just really want to hold on to the happy memories of your childhood and can’t help but get saddened by growing too old for it. 

Headed to Frankenmuth right after, housing the 365-day a year Christmas store and an area resembling Bavaria complete with their famous chicken, Bavaria castle-looking restaurants and servers in costumes. The chicken did not disappoint, although food rarely ever does. Spent a good chunk of the time dilly-dallying with the little munchkins I was with (my nieces) in what can be considered a non-bloggable outfit but a totally bloggable place. Oh the irony.