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Throwing back to beautiful Michigan days because I don’t want another year to pass before I get to post shoots I enjoyed. Every single time I go back to Michigan I make sure to scour outlet stores for Free People items on sale. I am obsessed with the brand but sometimes I just can’t justify the hefty price tag for just apparel. I’d rather invest in a pair of shoes or a bag I can pass on to my grandchildren. Luckily, my state is full of outlets and one in particular, Lord & Taylor, carries Free People for a lot less. I personally don’t mind buying pieces from past seasons if I really like the piece and if it means I get to save a lot of money. I really am a smart shopper when I’m not being impulsive and not fixated on a certain item. And, if you must know, I’ve been keeping my clothing budget so my 2016 resolutions are right on track.

This dress is one of my favorite maxi dresses and it fits the bohemian vibe perfectly. It’s the kind of dress I would wear in the forest like a wood nymph if I ever do find myself in a forest. Although I think the gorgeous lake in the background more than makes up for the wood nymph reference.

Weddings are filling my calendar and I really am at a loss for what to wear. I’ve previously worn black and sexy and I felt uncomfortable on both counts – priests may not appreciate the display of skin and the couple would probably mind the grieving vibe – like I’m somehow opposed to their union or, worse, set out to object in the ceremony when the opportunity comes up. So unfortunately, no matter how much I love this dress, I can’t wear it to upcoming weddings because though it’s most definitely not black, the mere hint of a side boob may get me kicked out, or worse, shawl-ed by the ushers. Full disclosure: I was given a leaflet once too after mass because I showed slight “shoulder”.

I’ve been on the lookout for dresses but I haven’t really been to enough weddings to know #MatrimonyChic. From what I gather on Facebook (thank you, social media), weddings are events where everyone is expected to glam up – entourage party member or not. I was actually looking for something red inspired by the running lady emoji (a la Gucci) but I can’t seem to find the perfect one just yet. I should really work double time on this dream dress though because it’s also time to find the perfect outfit for the coming Chinese New Year. I may not be Chinese, but I do like my tikoy.

I didn’t realize weddings were also a hassle to the guests. I attended one recently where we were literally forced to line up with the single ladies to “catch the bouquet.” I was not happy. Wedding traditions can be real weird and surprisingly require a lot of audience participation. Although given that I wasn’t invited to a recent wedding by one of my supposed close friends in college, maybe I should just be thankful I was invited? After all, each additional guest comes with a corresponding price tag.

Anyway, if I do find the perfect red dress or end up investing in a gorgeous piece, I’ll probably 1) wear it to all weddings from hereon out and 2) keep it as far from the bouquet throwing as humanly possible, preferably right next to the buffet table.