White fringe cropped top, TOPSHOP | Denim shorts, GAP | Stockings, FOREVER 21 | Boots, SOLE SERVICE | White tassel earrings, ROSA ARTISTICA | Winged skull and studded rings, PRISM

Photographed by: Tippi Sy (thank you, Tipper <3)

Wore this to school the week before Christmas break. Was having too much fun with fringe that day (those dangling little things give so much movement and bounce!) that I decided to go a bit overboard and wear more than one fringe piece.

Oh and that’s SoFA’s library you see in the background. I promise myself I will have my very own kick-ass mini lib in my future home (as compared to the mere bookshelf I have now. Still, I’m proud of that bookshelf. It’s overflowing with books. and dust.)┬áSpeaking of books, I just finished The Hobbit the other day and I’m in desperate need to find something else to read. Aleph perhaps? Gotta head out to the nearest bookstore stat.

Any suggestions? ­čśë