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To be honest, I don’t attend events very often nor do I get to hangout with fellow bloggers that much mostly because 1) I hate driving in traffic and it’s ALWAYS traffic here and 2) I’m juggling jobs that kind of require me being glued to my phone or my laptop and that doesn’t┬ánecessarily translate to superb social skills. So when you meet people from the industry you click with, you try to make your moments as sweet and special as possible.

Angela of was my roommate in my recent trip to Bacolod and we realized we kind of just worked. And because she isn’t cheesy and is this close to snorting when I am, I’ll keep this as formally platonic as possible. We were roommates again in Boracay over the weekend so I decided to share with her my Gift of Time brought to life by matching denim Tomato watches. Though our bonding came in the form of shooting outfits in every possible shootable background and eating cheap food (plus the occasional matching mojitos), it was a lot of fun sharing another trip with this lady. Plus it also kind of worked that we both had two new watches to keep us from being late at call times. We are always, after all, Room-No-Alarm.

I’ll definitely be sharing more Tomato watches and the gift of time with people special to me. I honestly believe that the most convincing portrayal of affection is by sharing one’s time especially in the midst of the busy lives we all lead. Planners are full, to-do lists never-ending and multi-tasking minds jumping from one task to the next even in bed. So with jam-packed schedules, our loved ones really do deserve time carved out especially for them without the annoying presence of phones, without social media distractions, or the call of Clash of Clans or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (depending on which way you swing) especially this holiday season.

I urge all of you to just take some time off. You deserve it and so do the ones you love. Take it from me.

And throw in a new Tomato watch while you’re at it. Nothing drives the point more than a cool watch. They’ll get the hint.

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