A quick update: I’m contributing for Pormada‘s blog (blog.pormada.com). I think it’s worth a quick visit, if not to shop then to see what our other writers – all big names: Sarah Meier, Kelly Misa and Brent Javier – have to say. I figured I’d post some of them here. So here’s one – a rather raunchy one all about lingerie. Realization: I might have a future writing for Cosmo. I kid. (Unless Cosmo wants to get me, then by all means, I can change demographics.) But you be the judge. Happy reading!



Women are slowly evolving into some sort of superhuman – think Jean Gray but slightly less lethal – juggling twenty-thousand tasks, a social life, home and family responsibilities all the while in perfectly styled hair, sky-high heels and a generous swab of red lipstick.

Once in a while, though, these perpetually Instagram-ready ladies (hashtag: NoFilter) just want to take a break. From everything. Since Father’s Day was just recently celebrated, we think it’s high time the ladies reclaim the spotlight and invent our own holiday – a Ladies’ Day In.

To be given the luxury of staying in – no chores, no work, no kids – we can only presume what a girl is to do. We imagine, no, recommend, one relax with a bottle of wine, eat a tub of ice cream, order some take-out and maybe a masseuse, belt out a few favorites (top 40, no less), and, of course, indulge in deep, unbridled slumber. Now, whether you take the time to indulge your closet wants via online retail therapy or catch up on the latest schemes of Emily Thorne on Revenge, that’s up to you. Here’s one thing we’re sure of though: with no need to dress up, we’ll keep our clothes off and lingerie on. If you have any preconceived notions that sweatpants are our go-to lazy look, think again, because we like being irresistibly sexy, even just for ourselves. And honestly, a red lace bra trumps a power suit, any day.


Shop in a breathable lace smock and significantly increase the number of cut-out body-cons in your closet.


Write reminders in a playful printed set. We would understand if you ditch them in it too.


Our favorite Editor-in-Chief, Miranda Priestly, is back for a sequel. Make Revenge Wears Prada your bedside bud in a one-piece suit with mesh details. It isn’t Prada but it’s indulgent enough.


De-stress with scented candles and a fun, frilly polka-dot thong set.


Catch up on your favorite magazines in this lace number. Trust us, you’ll feel like a vixen.

All lingerie items from Yamamay are available at www.pormada.com.