Peplum dress, BENGT ENRIQUE | Heels, RENEGADE FOLK | Sidebun, GOODY

Not knowing where to begin, let me tell you how fantastic the Bench Universe show was – extremely. Production was insane – boats flying from the ceiling, a huge-ass ship on stage, people dancing on stilts, ANTM girls on the runway, the biggest designers, the hottest (naked) bodies. And the costumes! Witnessing such amazing craftsmanship, intricate details, vivid concepts that translated so well on the runway gave me such joy. For real. Shoutout to my favorites – Furne One, Michael Cinco and Cary Santiago. Sigh. Unfortunately for all of us, I have no pictures to share. So I have to rely solely on my faulty memory and you on sheer imagination. Or other sites. My bad. But seriously, you should check it out. Stylebible has pictures.

What I do have are a couple pictures of myself in the outfit I wore – a Bengt Enrique original and some Renegade Folk heels. Turning a random Starbucks bathroom into a dressing room is quite the experience especially with some strong air-spray stench seemingly meant to choke restroom goers.  But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Or maybe a girl’s gotta dress at home instead.