Summer is supposedly still around the corner but we’re definitely feeling the heat here in Manila. Although a lot of people equate summer with over-the-top parties a la Miami or in more local terms, Boracay, summer always brings a sense of relaxation (when I’m not profusely sweating, of course.)

Truthfully, I haven’t been much of an interiors girl. With a hefty amount of Country Living, House Beautiful and Victoria magazine issues lying around the house, I’ve never really been the type to take a proactive part in decorating our home. At least not ’til now. After 23 years of existence I think it’s high time I inject my sense of self, even just a little bit, in our home decor. Or at the very least, add my necessities in the form of shoe racks, diffusers, and my new favorite: hammocks.

Constantly rushing is taking its toll and any opportunity to sit still and be Zen is immediately grabbed. (I already downloaded meditating apps, you might want to do so too.) Diffusers & home sprays in lavender and jasmine do the trick in calming my nerves but I am really looking for an area to meditate and keep still that isn’t my yoga mat (which I too frequently associate with stretching pains and even more sweat.) I’ve been browsing pinterest for some inspiration and have zoned in on hammocks as my number one priority.  Here are some photos that are making me want to mount my own hammock right this moment.

hammock 1



An indoor hammock filled with pillows and blankets seems really inviting – too inviting in fact that I’m now semi-obsessed with hammocks. Although, one on sand and with a view of the beach seems even better – a beach house is something a little harder to attain so one indoors would have to do. I actually bought a hammock in Cambodia last year but the material was itchy and not as sturdy as I wanted it to be so I’ve been checking online and found a selection of hammocks from Urbanara.co.uk. They ship overseas and I’m tempted to get this red Fernandina one:


With a bunch of red throws (which I already have), this can definitely be my new Zen spot. Or my new bed. Let’s see.

Hammock photos via Pinterest here, here and here