First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! 🙂 (now let’s get to the point.)

I know Christmas is over, but I’m sure those parties will be going on til January! And if you, dear reader, are normal like the rest of us, by party number 3 you’ll be running out of outfit ideas. Good thing this month, Preview Magazine heard our pleas.

The very fashionable editors Liz Uy, Kissa Castañeda, Daryl Chang and Vicky Montenegro are helping us dress up this season – from all the clothes to the accessories, from formal to casual. They even have the season’s make up tips to boot! And honestly, there’s nobody I’d rather listen to than them. I’m telling you, they know their stuff. 😉

Also, another thing I love about this issue is how they commemorated the World AIDS Day by dedicating a whole editorial to it. “We at Preview realized that those born in and after the 80’s are not as well-versed on the issues surrounding HIV,” says editor-in-chief Pauline Juan.  So Preview did a collaboration with 2010 ad agency of the year winner TBWASantiago Mangada Puno. Together they tried to break the misconceptions on HIV. And personally, I love how Preview is using its voice and influence to help and give back to society. Things like this make me proud of my industry. So before they run out, please please grab a copy of Preview Magazine’s December 2011 issue if you haven’t yet!

but that’s not all! This month, Preview went the extra mile and brought us PREVIEW GIRL – specially for teens. It’s the first edition of Preview Girl, with Jessy Mendiola on the cover, and they only have it this month. So you definitely need a copy.

I love how Preview Girl editor-in-chief Lyca Puno sums it up, “For 16 years, Preview has been the style bible for women and this year we felt it was time to reach out to the Preview reader’s little sister—an equally die-hard fashion fan.”  So true.

and look! I even made a mini cameo!

Grab a copy girls and boys! 😉

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