I seem to have abandoned everything (including those I shouldn’t have) the moment my plane took off. And though I didn’t necessarily Eat, Pray, Love my way through the beaches of Boracay, I did sort of Eat, Swim and Live All Out instead.

I’m sure you’ve been noticing the ubiquitous #SmartLiveAllOut hashtag all over my Instagram and Twitter. SMART has been so gracious as to invite myself and fellow Smart bloggers – fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment alike – to go on a trip to Boracay. I can’t possibly put in words how blessed and thankful I am to be part of it. Instead, I will show you guys- via Instagram-eyes- my own guide to living all out.

1. Chronicle. Each. Step.

Filter your way through each momentous stage (i.e., from packing bikinis to the very first meal. Yes, momentous.) I seriously haven’t instagrammed this much in my life. Below are some initial snaps (including documenting the size of my heavy and overpacked luggage). 

livin all out8

2.a. Get an amazing room at an amazing hotel…

…preferably one that connects to a pool. I have Smart to thank (yet again), for this awesome little paradise I had in my own balcony – a pool! Now that I’m back home I have to get used to the grim reality that when I step out of the room there’s just concrete and no water.

livin all out3

2.b.  Spend as much time as possible in the water especially if said water is literally 5 steps away. A mojito in tow would be even better.

livin all out7

3. Eat like you didn’t spend the week prior crash-dieting. #truestory.

       After a week of eating solely fish in order to fit in my bikinis, hefty servings of grilled liempo, ribs and all other sorts of sinful things all seemingly designed to ruin your painfully attained “bikini body” were very much welcome. Shakes and umm, other infused stuff, were also gladly gulped.

livin all out2

4. Since you did spend the previous week on a crash diet, get bikini happy.

Treat the shores of Boracay like your own personal runway – bikini clad or not – and make good use of the luggage contents you overpacked. Though reluctantly I must admit: I did wear all 8 bikinis on a 4-day trip. The upside: I can start hoarding bikinis again for a subsequent beach trip.

livin all out6

5. Be with awesome company.

Felt very blessed to be in Boracay with amazing people. Enough said. (Shoutout to Hannah, Shen, Vern, Verniece, Lance, Flow, Jeng, Chris, Richard, Abbie, Iris, Tob, Yej and Kim.)

livin all out9

6. Just say “yes”. (And I’m referring to clean, fun things, kids.)

Part of the #SmartLiveAllOut event was a series of dares performed by the bloggers. I lost my dare – to spin as much as I could without falling – to FlairCandy’s Hannah. It took 9 full turns before the world spun around me and, consequently, me spinning towards other bloggers. Oops. A big thanks to those who tweeted in dares. Maybe when the opportunity comes I could take them on? (don’t hold your breath though). Other activities like giant slides, a life-sized temple run, and reverse basketball bungee were some of the dares that models, hosts and guests were able to try their hand and (bodies?) at.

livin all out 5

Dying to share a couple other tips but I think these 6 could accurately sum up what I did during the trip.

After the dares I remember being asked what it means to me to live all out. I blurted out something like doing what you want/what makes you happy/ticking things off your bucket list/etc. But post-trip here’s a more decently constructed answer: ‘Living All Out’ to me means doing whatever it is your heart desires, jumping in 100%, no holds barred.

You know without bias, what I love most about Smart is not how they spoil their subscribers with promos, perks, etc. (they do). What I love about them is more than pushing just a company/plan/phone, they push a mentality – Living All Out, Jumping In & Living More – a mentality we should have and always live by.

So whether you decide to follow my guide or make your own, that’s up to you. What I do encourage though – Boracay bound or not – is to #SmartLiveAllOut. I know I did.

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