Quick background: I love Naya Rivera. She plays Santana on Glee and now has her own album. Also, as you’ve probably already guessed, in a really dorky way, I love Glee too. Maybe not the storyline 100% of the time but I wouldn’t be lying if I told you half of what’s on my iTunes are covers from Glee. But I especially love Naya. Everytime she has a solo part on the show I look to my mom, whom, btw, is also a big glee fan, and affirm how much we both love her voice in equal parts awe and envy. Remember that Cory Monteith tribute? Amazing.

So what has Naya Rivera got to do with a photo that obviously isn’t Naya? Enter Pormada’s newest brand partner and a new personal favorite of mine, N/TICE.

Spotting the brand on the racks of our studio demanded immediate grabbing of the pieces in admiration and a consequent desperate excuse to wear them. The resulting look – a turtleneck crop top and a high-waist maxi with an Angelina Jolie side-slit. The conditions to wear such an outfit may not have been ideal (read: assisting a shoot), but the outfit was and therefore compensates for more unconventional circumstances.

A literal pat on the back was administered to self come the next day when I saw Naya Rivera (via Sarah) in the exact same outfit for a stint at E! Fashion Police. Now, while I’d ordinarily ask who wore it better, I’d gladly give the title to her and her rock hard abs.

RG from @nticeclothing

Fortunately, she was sitting in the photo which rendered my handicappedĀ non-rock hard abs a more level playing field.

No? Okay. Love her anyway.

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