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My 15-year old cousin put it bluntly when she said straight to my face, “You’re only 5 years shy of 30.” True story.

That’s when I realized that, one, kids do say the darndest things and, two, I am in fact getting closer to the big 3-0. People are getting married all over Facebook and just this week one of my closest friends announced that he’s finally having a baby with his wife. Times are definitely a-changin’. Interestingly though, I feel much younger than ever, more socially awkward than I’ve ever been (mind you, I used to think of myself as a social butterfly), and now I’m just retreating into my own little geeky shell like a pearl whose oyster is not the world but the confines of her very predictable comfort zone.

I’m definitely in no rush to keep up with where my friends are at in terms of settling down and I’m not terribly bothered by my lack of a social life. I don’t gauge my social activity in terms of nights out but in quality time (we spend it playing Mahjong and Game of The Generals anyway and #winning is my new gauge of choice.) Where I am forced though to act my age and maybe try to act wiser beyond my years (the key word being try) is at work. At the office, when you’re in charge of creating content, fine-tuning your brand and figuring out where your teammates’ talents lie and where they have the potential to shine best, you have to wear the pants – figuratively and, in my case, literally.

There’s something about wearing the literal pant that gives me an instant confident boost. Or at least, plunges me back into what my role is in the grand scheme of work (because there always is a grand scheme.) I’ve been on the lookout for amazing-fitting pants that I can feel powerful in and when I find the rare pair I tend to hoard them. I recently came across a pair that fit me real well at Memo, my go-to for office wear, so I got another – in green, no less – to add to my growing pant collection.

I kid you not when I say #InThesePants I feel a lot more confident, a lot more powerful, and a lot closer to my age than I usually would in my usual denims where I often get mistaken for a teen. If you do want to feel more in control, more powerful or, at the very least, exude it, I highly suggest you also pick up a pair and head to the nearest Memo store.

It’s funny how a go-getter mentality can be triggered by something as simple as an outfit choice. And we all know where a go-getter mentality can lead you.

Photographed by BER GARCIA