I am a magazine hoarder. Leave me in a bookstore and I’ll probably ending up burning my cash on a couple books and a couple of magazines. I am a geek and therefore love digesting information and reading magazines cover to cover – yes even mastheads and editor’s notes.

Because September is THE month for fashion magazines I figured I’d share some of my favorite photos from September editorials from mags I’m subscribed to.

1.W Mag pulled a Vogue and put a bunch of the best models in an editorial but this has got to be my personal favorite. Here’s a schoolgirl ed I wish I saw circa 2000 so I could’ve looked at least half as cool in high school. Can’t do anything about that so I’ll just willingly regress and sport these now. No judgments.


2. British Vogue. In this Join The Club editorial, models pose in retro inspired pieces. The layout with the Louis Vuitton clad ladies is my absolute favorite and the one with yellow Balenciaga coat is a close second.

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3. With a cover that showcases the most in-demand models today, it’s safe to safe a powerhouse editorial is to be expected from US Vogue. Here are three layouts I enjoyed – all with Joan Smalls. I think I do pick favorites.


I still get so inspired by stories and editorials carefully crafted and meticulously produced and these titles are my constant international magazine subscriptions (plus Nylon and Teen Vogue. #youngatheart.)

Locally, my favorites usually run out of stock as they sell out quickly. Luckily, now I can also stash them in my handy iPad via Buqo that Smart has a parternship with. Buqo is essentially an online bookstore slash newsstand slash reader app where you can get a selection of magazine titles and books. Smart partnered with Summit Media so Smart subscibrers can easily grab their own virtual copies by way of just prepaid load or via one’s phone bill. It’s kind of a big deal that credit cards aren’t necessary because it has happened once or twice that I kept receiving new titles on other sites without knowing that my subscriptions have renewed and were automatically deducted from my card. (Luckily those were titles I would’ve renewed anyway otherwise I would’ve flipped.)

Should you decide to purchase books and titles soon (or, you know, now), you get 50% off on Summit books and mags until November 9, 2014. Perfect for catching up on all the September issues locally. Other Summit titles include some fashion faves such as Stylized by Liz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian’s 150 Style Essentials for Every Girl.


Everything you need to know should be on this page: http://smart.com.ph/buqo.

Then maybe you can share with me your favorite editorials too. I’m particularly interested in Preview’s September cover grazed by Dominique Cojuanco. What about you?