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The woods have always reminded me of certain scenes in my childhood. Running around the forest (looking for the puppy I mistakenly let out), hiding behind trees waiting for deer to show up, and walking along trails trying to identify fruits and mushrooms (even if I could never tell which were edible and which weren’t) are some of my fondest memories in the woods. Now when I do see a barrage of trees I feel an emotional connection somehow but since I’m out of outdoor-practice, I immediately scour the place for snakes. Not that I can actually tell if there are snakes by a mere stare but, you know, it feels reassuring to check.

I bumped into this (I wanna say marsh but it’s really not) empty lot with a bunch of trees and fallen leaves that made it look like autumn and immediately knew I wanted to take photos there. Tippi was thinking the same thing apparently so we both giddily parked haphazardly to take photos in a place that was obviously intended to be left alone.

I’m happy we took our chance. Currently enjoying my 4th of July weekend but this trip so far is turning me into a real-life Pocahontas. I literally just looked at a groundhog’s hole a few hours ago. Maybe this shoot was a foreshadowing. Pretty accurate, no?

Photos by Tippi Sy