I took basketball for a semester back in college (P.E. was required otherwise I’m certain time would’ve been spent on something else) where I mostly got traumatized with how aggressive other girls were to get the ball, boob grabbing and trash-talking a la Regina George especially during finals when different classes had to compete for “medals” and, more importantly, As.

Still, the rest of the semester we spent dribbling and shooting (or at least trying to, lay-ups were something I never could do) was actually pretty fun. Til now I try to grab the ball from whichever friend is playing and try to shoot – only from the free throw line. Any further and my arms are rendered useless. Not that I’m actually any good. It’s just nice to get the ball through that basket and be all haughty about having #skillz all the while making the rest of the boys impatient in between plays but utterly meek nonetheless.

But  jerseys were never something I thought I’d wear out of my own volition. Never. I disliked having to pay for my required one for P.E. I also never (yes, I’m very passionate about this) understood why guys spend so much on jerseys that solely remind me of dripping sweat, dirt and skills so far from that of Chris Tiu’s. (Maybe I’ve been watching the wrong games all along.) Only Proudrace, with their snakeskin print fabric, can get me to buy a jersey for myself and declare it a piece to be abused for as long as the piece will hold. Only them. I wanted the piece so bad that I took whatever size was left  – it happened to be enormous and I happened to not care. Not that I’ll go playing in it. Snakeskin is too pretty to get dirty.

Paired it with my denim jacket from Levi’s and my new rings from Bali. Teeny accessories are slowly allowing me to tread on the accessorized path again after not wearing any for so long. Also wanted to introduce this case from Viva La Manika I’ve been in love with for the longest time. It reminds me so much of LA and, consequently, dreams and brighter days. I’m planning on getting another case from them – with the Olsen twins this time. I want to say it’s because they represent young success and serve as reminders of the hustle but that would be pushing it. It’s cute and unique.

Oh and if you were wondering, I actually had no intention of taking my photos beside a court but if it drives a point then that’s an awesome bonus.

Snakeskin jersey, PROUDRACE | Denim jacket, LEVI’S | Boots, ALDO | iPhone case, VIVA LA MANIKA | Rings from Bali