Sheer top, COTTON ON | Pants, sunglasses and floral maryjanes, FOREVER21 | Floral canvass bag, ABBY JOCSON | Ponytail, GOODY

Felt like adding a ton of tropical-inspired pieces  to my otherwise mellow ensemble. And no, I didn’t wear these shoes the whole day. My feet would’ve died. And yes, I love loose pants. They always make me feel like a hiphop dancer and they bring me back to my CADs days – which, come to think of it, were relatively few. oh, and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

<—- This post is a preview of how my mind works – it jumps topics.

Last jump. See the bag I’m using here? That’s one of my giveaway prizes. So don’t forget to join HERE. 😉

Now, it’s my ass that’s gonna jump places. Off to run more errands today. Update you guys soon.