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I can finally shut up about Vietnam as the last from my Teena Sabrina Tan collaboration is posted. Spent my last day in Ho Chi Minh exploring the famous Cu Chi Tunnels – the famous underground base that the Southern Vietnamese used during the anti-American resistance in the Vietnam War. The tunnels showcased the genius of the Vietnamese – they dug 3 underground levels each with specific assigned areas and purposes. The entrances were so tiny – only an Asian built could fit – and so secretly hidden with traps abound to make sure no spy or enemy infiltrates the┬ábase. The route underground is also especially dark and winding that only those who know the landscape can survive. The Vietnamese also thought of the littlest details that were proven effective like wearing their slippers backwards so their footprints would lead their enemies in the opposite direction. So smart.

I, on the other hand, was not as it might not have been the wisest decision to wear a long dress to the tunnels mostly because one is expected to take a peek inside and crawl from one entrance to another. Maybe I did it on purpose to avoid triggering my claustrophobia. I do think the print was fitting representing different facets of war – blood, death and the ability & need to camouflage. I’m pushing it, I know, but it does fit, doesn’t it? But that’s the thing about great designs, they always seem to fit just right.