Orange lace dress, H&M | Inner spag strap top, TOPSHOP | Boots, FOREVER21 | Green stone ring, PARFOIS | Flower bracelet, PRISM | Shopping bag turned school bag, NAVA | Hairpins, GOODY

Photographed by Paul Mendoza

Since my thoughts tonight aren’t coherent enough to come up with a well written blog post/story (not that the previous ones are), I shall just tell you three random things about this outfit.

1.) I’m totally abusing this neon pink NAVA shopping bag and putting all my school stuff in it. (I spy my hard drive, my clipboard, a highlighter, and many more!) It’s too cute to not use!

2.) So happy I was able to snag this orange lace dress (at a discounted price, of course). Lace and myself – we go together. Lace is sultry, definitely. But it’s concealed so well by those innocent little flowers. Can’t decide if it’s a paradox or just a tease.

3) Tried “fixing” my hair by keeping one side secure with Goody bobby pins. While half of my hair is running wild, the other half is neat.

There ya go!

p.s. 2 more days til PLATFORM SHOW MANILA! you guys are going, yes?