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Lazy weekends are the best. Lounging around in my pajamas, doing nothing, completely forgetting to work – sometimes on purpose, sometimes not – are some of my favorite moments to look forward to. Most of the time I look the part too – PJs, huge shirt, slippers, a really messy bun and huge ass glasses for me to see past my bedside table.

Sometimes though, even on the laziest days and the calling of my comfiest pajamas, I don’t want to look the part. So this weekend I paraded around in my Neon Island pineapple button down and my new Shop Carisse skirt – items from 2 of my favorite local Filipino brands. Check them out, they’re awesome.

I know Christmas songs are already playing almost everywhere and I can’t help but goofily grin whenever I hear them. But, as much as I love Christmas, I’m still in a summer frame of mind. So although I don’t eat pineapples (they make my tongue and throat itch), I enjoy sporting them way past summer. I guess your mindset reflects what you wear (although most of the time it’s the other way around, no?) and my mind is stuck on summer break in a bikini, sun-bathing by the beach with a frozen margarita (or a strawberry daiquiri) in tow.

Wishing the background for this outfit actually was a beach. Doesn’t matter. If sartorially I’m beach-ready, that’s good enough for me.


…and some Instax snaps. #InstaxStyleSeries continuing, yo.