And now the whole outfit. haha!

Gray top, PENSHOPPE | shorts, FOREVER21 | Coral oxfords, SOLE SERVICE | Double belt, NAVA | Pink necklace, PAPEMELROTTI | Orange necklace, PARFOIS | Barrette and Spin Pins, GOODY 

Photos by Mimi Garbo

The elements in my outfit, I believe, are the same ones that my mom used to make me wear for church back when I was a scrawny little kid – the exact same ones that a 4 year old girl would find pretty (i.e., pinks, color, tons of necklaces (most little girls I know love bling), embroidery and that matching twirled hairstyle using Goody ‘clips’ – yes I used them then, and I use them now.)¬†

It’s kinda nice to reminisce and think back on days when I didn’t have a care in the world, when my only concerns were ice cream flavors and Barbies I ordered from Santa. Well, it’s not like I carry the weight of the world now, just saying, it’s nice.