MRLManila_Poster FB AD_SM Accessories Online Promo REV

The beat-dropping duo will be here for a night on Sunday, March 16, 2014 and because SM Accessories wants you guys to be able to watch without necessarily poppin’ tags, they’re teaming up with a bunch of bloggers to give you a chance to score two (2) Lower Box Tickets.

Now, this is a pretty awesome giveaway, but it’s pretty easy too. Here’s what you have to do:

1. Like @SMAccessories on Facebook & follow them on Twitter and Instagram

2. Follow  @alyssalapid on Twitter and Instagram

3. Tweet “I want to win #SMAccessoriesxMacklemoreRyanLewis tickets at from #SMAccessoriesSummer #alyssalapidgiveaways!”

Please note: only 1 entry is allowed per person. Multiple entries will merit a disqualification from the contest.

Will be choosing the winner of two Lower Box tickets on March 13. Good luck!

 EDIT: Congratulations to Hope Elize for winning two lower box tickets! 🙂