Malaysia was a whole different story. Remember I said I went to KL to shop at H&M? I have no idea why and how I was so sure that there was an H&M there. I just did. Much to my (and my mom’s) dismay, there wasn’t.

Oh I didn’t spend much in SG. I didn’t shop. Don’t believe me? I really didn’t – except for a couple tops and heels. And when I realized that there was no shopping in KL either, I accepted the fact that this was a sightseeing/food trip and not a shopping trip.

After 2 days of intense commuting in Singapore, I decided to just join the tour this time and let them pick me up and drop me off from one point to another. Yes, Alyssa got lazy. And it wasn’t as easy to navigate. Still enjoyed the trip though. At least I got to see both countries (it was my first time in both).

Here are some pictures. Enjoy! 🙂

We went to the Batik making place and saw how it was designed. Ms. B, my textile professor, would be so proud. hahathe SoFA student in me couldn’t help but get excited over this!

Aaaaaand ONE outfit post. haha

Clothes: Top, Charlotte Russe; Skirt, Vintage; Slippers, Havaianas.

Had to get these slippers cause I ruined my flats, remember?. 🙁

Okay, so despite ending up not doing what I was supposed to, I still had fun and enjoyed. Learned my lesson the hard (not to mention, expensive) way. Ive been making tons of mistakes lately – seemingly one after the other. This has got to change. I need a redeeming trip STAT.

I don’t usually share pics of travels but since I’m blogging now, I decided that I should start doing so. Am actually so inspired by Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely. I would love to be like them someday (soon, hopefully). For those who don’t know, Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely are uber famous bloggers (Bryan’s Filipino, btw) who travel the world for their fashion blogs, AS A LIVING. Would love to have the same job someday. Someday. 😉