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Just before 2013  ended, I had the privilege of getting my hair colored as a kick-off to being one of Matrix Philippines Brand Ambassadors.

I’m a hair loyalist and it’s mostly due to the fact that I’ve had several horror stories with treatments growing up. Let’s recount.

When I was in 4th Grade, I attempted to get blonde highlights. I don’t know what I was thinking at 9 years old but I went through with it and got gold streaks on my otherwise dark canvas that resulted in a lot of tormenting from the “cool kids” in school. Actually, until I tried getting highlights with Matrix last December, that memory would always somehow find its way back into my consciousness killing my desire to get highlights each and every time.

When I was in 2nd year high school, I tried rebonding my hair. But back in ’02, straightening meant flattening and my hair ended as a lifeless, volume-less limp. With absolutely no body, my ugly-duckling phase, completed with my then round cheeks were highlighted and trust me, it was not flattering. At all.

Fast forward two years later, in my high school senior year, I tried the opposite of my last treatment: I got a perm. Getting your hair curled now is more Lana Del Rey than Destiny’s Child-era Beyonce but when I had mine done, somehow the curls ended up really tiny (read: kinky) and started all the way up the roots. (Imagine Sto. Nino’s hair on me.) Ironically, right after the treatment I had to go to church and unfortunately throughout mass I kept bawling and pulling my curls out in a desperate attempt to loosen them and reverse the horror I just put myself through.

Needless to say, I never touched treatments again. Until December.

I have honestly been looking for a trusted brand that I could let touch my hair. My hair makeovers have been limited to haircuts (albeit drastic) and DIY colors (that for some reason wouldn’t stick.) So when Matrix came in the picture, you know, the #1 American Salon brand in the WORLD, hair possibilities were playing in my head and I was ecstatic. (Even my mom was extra excited, she loves Matrix and was loyal to it when she was still in the US.)

So despite horrific grade 4, highlight-induced trauma, I decided to toughen up and try their new service called Dual Colors (base color + highlights). I went the extra mile and went for the Miami Glam look – the service that offers more visible highlights as opposed to the subtle streaks of the other style, New York Chic. I was admittedly scared at first but ultimately fell in love with the result. Just as expected. (See below photo for proof of happiness.)


I got these hair colors for your reference: Base Color-WonderBrown 7 Mocha l Highlights- WonderLight Clear. I think you’d also like to know that for highlights and lightening, Matrix does not use bleach because of their line Wonderlight’s technology. Both base color and highlights are also done in one application, as opposed to other salon brands that take forever. So it was actually really convenient, quick and, my personal favorite, pain-free.

And because Matrix and I want you to experience what I did (minus the horror stories and the resulting trauma), Matrix and I are doing a giveaway for you and your lucky friend. 

All you have to do is:

1. Like the Matrix Facebook Page 

2. Post a photo of you and your chosen friend on the Matrix Facebook Page telling us why you deserve to win the Matrix Dual Colors Salon Makeover (post just once)

3. Follow @alyssalapid on Twitter

4. Tweet “I just joined the Matrix Dual Colors Power of Two Giveaway at and #AlyssaLapidGiveaways”

* TWO winners will be chosen at random by Matrix Philippines

Trust me, you want to get this makeover by the #1 American Salon Brand in the world.

Ask your salons and hairdressers for a Matrix hair color.