When I was still a cute, adorable, little kid, I was deathly afraid of two things. One being the vacuum cleaner – no judgments please- and two, all the villains personified in my cute little poodle, Duchess.

I don’t remember if I ‘loved’ my dog. She barked like crazy and I’d be hysterical all the time. She was barely a foot tall, but to my teeny tiny toddler body, she was gargantuan in size. Thanks to her, I have since been terrified of dogs that bark. To add to that, I watched as she was killed by another much bigger dog as the big bad dog bit her neck. So yeah, I think I have a pretty good reason to be afraid of the furry beasts.

A few days ago, I woke up to a new pup. yep, after 16 years I finally got a new puppy. He doesn’t bark so I don’t have to freeze everytime I see him. He’s a boy, too! another first in the house. haha so, now, I’d like you to meet my new boy. 🙂

Meet Asher. He was named Raindrops at first. I was so pissed I couldnt stand his name. haha so I made my mom change it. I wanted something manly like Bruce or Chuck or Nate haha buuuut my mom wanted something with a nice meaning. Soo she ended up naming him Asher. It’s like Usher, but mispronounced. So I’m dubbing him, Ash.

This is what I wore for our playdate – 5 inch heels. hahaha kidding. I wore this to run some errands. 🙂

Clothes: dress, Forever21;wedges, Charles&Keith

Also, I apologize for the lack of posts. My CPU’s effed up. My pics are there and my photoshop is too. 🙁 Good thing I have the portable one in my usb. teehee. 🙂

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