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I always thought mesh was synonymous to three things alone: goth, sweat and strippers – none of which, I particularly like. In my head the images varied from nose-ring, eye-liner clad grim people to sports jerseys to fishnet stockings (the last one is probably a stretch but still a regular mesh association in my head.) So I tried to steer clear of mesh for the longest time.

For some reason (also known as a sale), I found myself buying not just one mesh item but two. Sales have the sole power to make me retract previously uttered sweeping statements and make me embrace ideas that I have sworn off. Like mesh.

I kinda like it. I don’t know if I just got lucky – my pieces aren’t as sporty (or slutty) as what mesh usually comes in so thank you, Oxygen, for allowing me to stray a little out of my comfort zone while ensuring I don’t get give off reminders of gyms nor strip clubs.

I’m seriously considering wearing this skirt to work too. It’s long enough to not scandalize my boss, right? See, pushing the boundaries of my previous mesh-lacking world.

Oh sales. The things you make me do. I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying toe socks anytime soon no matter how cheap they may be but should you feel my inclination to do so, I beg you to call me out on it. That doesn’t have a saving grace. No matter the styling, no matter the brand. Stripper, we can save. Tacky, we can’t. We just can’t.

Top and skirt, OXYGEN | Sandals, LORD & TAYLOR | Headband, FOREVER21

photos by Ralph Mendoza