Posting pictures from my Michigan trip a couple months back because 1) I said I would and 2) I am in the dark as to whether I’ll be snap-happy enough this winter to fill another 33-square post-trip entry so it’s best to take advantage of whatever ‘summer’ shots I have.

Abused a few things during the trip – the food (obviously), the outfit shot-able backgrounds (which involved dragging my mom everywhere) and the precious time I had with my nieces and nephew. Would’ve included more pictures of my family and my favorite cousins in the universe but their being camera-shy didn’t really do this blog post good.

Another highlight, albeit quick, was the fact that my friend, Monette, flew in from LA to visit me. About to return the favor.

Very excited for December, actually. Haven’t been this excited to leave in years. Maybe I just need to step away from the crazy that is Manila and do some soul-searching. A bigger concern though, than whether or not my soul would be found, is my lack of winter-outfit-styling know-how. Add to that the fact that I do not have anything even remotely winter appropriate…I’m screwed.

Stay tuned. Looks like this will turn out to be very entertaining – for you, of course.

Pictures were either hipstamatic edited (back when I didn’t have instagram. I do now – or awkwardly cropped.