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Photos by Anton Aguila 

Bloggers United was definitely worth the 8-hour heel-prison. Meeting readers is always heart-warming especially when they affirm that they do read your blog. It makes me feel like these blog posts aren’t written entirely in vain (encompassing literal vanity, as they are all pictures of me.) I kid. Seriously though, the kind words (read “I read your blog”) are all very touching. It’s also quite awesome to be able to talk to people who can relate to my sartorial choices.

Tried to suck in my stomach every single snap of the camera (and all moments in between), but I couldn’t resist wearing this Proudrace top. To be honest, I prepared this top a week before like a giddy little girl. The rest of the outfit fell into place. But this top, this top was planned. Shoutout to Anton Aguila for the awesome pictures! (Check out his virtual portrait snaps here)

To everyone who dropped by my booth, bought something, said hi or just threw me a smile, THANK YOU. And to the readers I met, you made me real happy. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH. Here’s a short compilation of some of the (downloadable) pictures you sent me. You guys are awesome, I’m so lucky to have amazing (not to mention fashionable) readers. Til the next.

with readers

Turtleneck cropped top, PROUDRACE | Black asymmetrical skirt, SM GTW | Purse, MARGIELA for H&M | Heels, DAS

with (l-r:1) Jhair, Maricar, Enchie, (2) Mikae and friend, Argie, (3) Ashley, Aerielle and Monica. Lovely meeting you all! 

Oh! and hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Enjoy the rest of the holidays! :*