Tank, H&M | Skirt and shoes, FOREVER21 | Chain necklace, DONDI BELEN

Got the necklace about 40 min before I wore it to dinner.

This is what I wore to Fashion the 13th, a fashion show by SoFA students. I knew I had to dress up but because it was finals that time, I opted for flats. Honestly, it bothers me how I’m becoming more and more of a flats girl. hmm, I’m getting sidetracked.

Everything in this outfit, I adore – that skirt that shimmers and shows off leg; that necklace by my friend Dondi Belen that I got 40 mins before that I couldn’t wait to wear (it has crosses and holy family medals. A reminder to pray. HAHA kidding.); the shoes…the shoes that I stared at for three different days deliberating on whether to get them. They look life elf shoes to me actually, which I liked with me being a fan of elves and all. Guess that’s why I finally decided to get them; the top that is absolutely vain. If you can’t read it it actually says “Who is the fairest of them all?”. I just love the Disney reference.

In hindsight, I was feeling the top a little too much. HAHA hope you like le outfit. 😉