We’ve waited for the big reveal, thought we could one-up Apple by believing supposed design leaks and the moment not one, but two new phones were sprung upon us, we patiently counted down the days ’til both would trickle down to our shores.

Yes, I’m talking about the new iPhones 6 AND 6 Plus and the fact that they’re finally available in the Philippines. In just a couple of days, November 14 to be exact, the biggest, coolest and I may be biased here but best network will finally have your much-awaited phones in stores nationwide.

I know some of you are not as patient and unwilling to wait a few more days. I mean, it is Christmas and hoarding and shopping are especially condoned this season. Some of you may want to surprise loved ones with the new phone/s right away to make them feel extra special. Some of you may also want to surprise yourself. Well, in any case (I’m not one to judge), you may pre-order your choice of an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. If that’s not a treat, I don’t know what is.

I’m probably not the most credible when it comes to all things techie (although, hey, I did work for an IT company prior to fashion), but I do know a good phone when I see one. What I am better at though is spotting good deals, and the Smart offerings for these new phones are amazing. Seriously, the iPhone 6 for as low as P1,799/month and the iPhone 6 Plus for P2,049/month? Sweet.

Here are some extra sweet treats for you:

1) A free ride to and from any Smart store from November 14-16 2014. If you plan on checking out the new phones in Smart, enter the promo code: SMARTIPHONE6 in your downloaded Uber app for your very own chauffeur.

2) Your choice of mobile number because we all know that numbers are getting harder and harder to remember and we secretly want our initials, nicknames (and/or pet names if you’re the type) to be immortalized in our mobile numbers. Been there, done that, loved it.

3) Wiping out your current contract. If you’re locked in your current contract, you Smart Postpaid subscribers can wipe out your current contracts and upgrade to an iPhone contract for a discount AND insurance. For more details visit: http://www.smart.com.ph/wipeout

4) Free movies on your iPhone. All iPhone 6 Smart subscribers get free movie vouchers through Blink because your new bigger screens are perfect for portable films.

We’re all VIPs in the new Smart iPhone 6 game and these bonuses make all the difference.

I’m pretty patient when it comes to these things so I don’t mind lining up on the 14th for my very own phone but because I couldn’t help my excitement, I painted a couple outfits I would like to wear with my new iPhone 6 as my ultimate accessory.


The black iPhone 6 is perfect with the new in-demand Alexander Wang for H&M pieces. Not that I lined up. In my head, my closet is way cooler and totally fetch.


Here’s another look sporting the new blanket trend because the new iPhones transcend styles, trends and seasons.

 Anyway, I’ll be seeing you on November 14 for us both to get our new iPhones. We deserve to treat ourselves – the Smart way.

Below are the plans available for both Postpaid and Smart Infinity subscribers and an infographic on how to pre-order your very own iPhone. Happy phone shopping! 

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