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Celebrated Christmas Day in black so I knew I had to get the juju back and spend New Year’s in red (or is that just a tradition for Chinese?) I have decided that 2016 will be my year of Recalibration. It’s about fine-tuning what’s best for me, deciding whether or not certain projects and jobs still resonate with me, and being a better companion to myself. Some of my resolutions include not splurging on anything designer (with a caveat: unless it’s on sale and my birthday), scheduling one day a month to go out with friends (it’s harder than it sounds), being stricter on myself in replying to work emails and work Viber messages (no weekends unless absolutely imperative and no replies after 10PM) and not fueling negativity. There are a few more but they’re pretty #basic.

I also saw something Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, posted on Facebook about starting a gratitude jar and I think I’ll get that going this year. It’s about writing little things that make us smile each day to be read at the start of next year to remind us that grace is always with us. I really like the idea of always looking for light in the darkest or dullest of moments. It’s a challenge but it can be done.

Sartorially, I don’t think I have any particular resolutions. I noticed I bought a bunch more accessories towards the end of the year so it seems like after my jewelry hiatus, I’m finally ready to wear them again. I’m also going through all of my clothes today (okay I’m giving myself ’til the end of the week for this) to sort out which ones I can rework back into my closet and which ones I can donate.

Speaking of clothes, I wore this outfit pre-New Year’s but liked it so much I wore it again during the first day of 2016. This red sweater from the Uniqlo x Lemaire collection is one of my favorite buys and I’m maximizing mileage before the fiery heat of summer makes its presence felt in a few weeks. I’m also pretty obsessed with my bling-ed out Fossil watch. I got it when they launched their Fall collection with the deconstructed bags and Boyfriend watches for the ladies. Do check them out if you’re looking for an everyday timepiece. Their designs go from ultra-femme to traditional tomboy so they fit every mood and outfit.

Capped off the look with my Hush Puppies loafers that I’ve been abusing and a Dolce & Gabbana inspired headpiece-turned-choker. 2016 is looking bright. Like 50 Cent circa In Da Club bright. Must be the gold but I’d like to take it as a shiny, bling-ed out sign that 2016 is gonna be awesome.

Sweater, UNIQLO x LEMAIRE | Jeans, SKECHERS | Loafers, HUSH PUPPIES | Bag, GUCCI | Sunglasses, RAY BAN | Watch, FOSSIL | Choker, ZARA