This post is a bit late. But I was so busy doing errands that I didn’t get a chance to update my blog.

Had a mini get-together with my family last January 2. Spent the day with the cousins and the relatives eating tons of food (and even more dessert coz my cousins all bake) and wearing a dress that was a wee bit too tiny for the weather. Seems like my choices are always questionable. Still, I loved my dress despite my aversion to the iron, aside from the fact that I was freezing in it but I had to pretend that I wasn’t. All for the sake of fashion. Here’s what I wore to welcome the hopefully awesome year ahead.

Dress (that I got for 10 bucks!) and belt from H&M; Shoes from Aldo; Bracelets from Forever21

Just so you know, this is my new favorite pair of shoes. 😀

Started the year wearing a fabulous dress and enjoying the company of the people I love most. I started the year right, didn’t I?


BIG THANK YOU: Dear reader (yes you), I would like to personally thank you for visiting my site. It now has 5,000 views! I remember when I started I was literally forcing two of my friends to read each post and comment. HAHA. seriously. Now my views have reached 5,000 and I couldn’t be happier. So thank you so much for reading my blog (or going through the pics, whichever you enjoy more). To those who follow the blog religiously, thank you so much. To those who are just blog hopping, thank you too and I hope you enjoy my site enough to keep coming back to it. I hope I’ve been able to entertain you enough and quench your thirst for fashion. I will try to redecorate this blog and I’ll soon be setting up my email. So if you have any comments, suggestions, or if you just want to give some love, please please feel free to email (or comment, for now). Again, thanks so much. I love you all. <3