New York Fashion Week is coming to an end so I figured I’d round up some of the collections I’m pinning on my metaphorical Pinterest (read: brain). Okay, fine. Maybe my literal one too.

Dividing my round up into two parts for now. I haven’t seen the latest shows in full yet but I am Instagram-informed and therefore know there are collections worth adding to my favorites list – like the recent Narciso Rodriguez show. So good.

Starting you off with 4 collections that I saved, bookmarked, copy pasted and will most likely be inspired by for the next few months.

1. The Row. Maybe in another life I can be an Olsen sister or, if I’m really lucky, an Olsen Twin. If not, I would at least want to be a Row girl – which also implies having unlimited funds because their pieces are hella expensive. The newest collection featured raw silks provocatively draped without being provocateur. (Are you still with me? I mean the draping is sick.) The lengths and silhouettes are absolutely refreshing and the pieces feel luxe while also being utilitarian. Make no mistake, ’tis for the cool girl.

BRB, will just throw pants under everything I own.

NYFW-The-Row-SS-2015-1NYFW-The-Row-SS-2015-2 NYFW-The-Row-SS-2015-3 NYFW-The-Row-SS-2015-4

2. Rosie Assoulin. While she may be a NYFW newcomer with only a 2-year NYFW tenure, Rosie’s collections keep getting better. Known for her voluminous pieces and innovatively draped garb, she doesn’t stray too far from her DNA but keeps the collection in muted tones this time (well, excluding yellows and reds for eveningwear) unlike her previous odes to color. With a play on lengths, tiers, silhouettes, even openings (buttons & ribbons), it’s hard to tire of these pieces. In her SS15 collection, you’d always be that girl with the most interesting clothes.

NYFW-Rosie-Assoulin-SS-2015-1NYFW-Rosie-Assoulin-SS-2015-2 NYFW-Rosie-Assoulin-SS-2015-3   NYFW-Rosie-Assoulin-SS-2015-4

3. Altuzzara. The recently awarded CFDA Designer of the Year Joseph Altuzzara is on a roll and everyone is left enthralled in his wake. The first few gingham looks of his collection felt like a grown-up Dorothy who didn’t end up in Oz but at brunch. She probably never started out in Kansas anyway. She then power walks to the office in suede and ends up in laser cut leather dresses at midnight somewhere in SoHo. I know I just said I wanted to be an Olsen but on some days I wouldn’t mind being Altuzzara’s Dorothy – a somewhat scantily clad, effortless yet impeccably dressed woman. (Fyi – his inspiration was 18th century clothing, not Wizard of Oz. But that’s the vibe I’m getting and I get to tell my own story, no?)

NYFW-Altuzzara-SS-2015-1 NYFW-Altuzzara-SS-2015-2  NYFW-Altuzzara-SS-2015-3

4. Victoria Beckham. Posh has come a reaaaally long way from Wannabe (although I really don’t mind that version of her either.) Here she tones down the sex appeal and focuses on a more utilitarian, more forgiving silhouette. My personal favorites are the pieces with patch pockets and a peeking belt. The head to toe red look is a close contender.

NYFW-Victoria-Beckham-SS-2015-1 NYFW-Victoria-Beckham-SS-2015-2 NYFW-Victoria-Beckham-SS-2015-3

All photos are via check out the complete collections there.