Yes, I know. Bad blogger. Not blogging for days just aint right. But, in my defense, I’ve been really busy recently. Aside from the fact that it’s finals week hence projects/presentations piling up, I also have other activities on the side. (not complaining, I love my sched!)

Let me share something I’ve been up to this past week because I actually am really proud of myself for this. I tried to join a design competition for the first time! Key word: tried. This is something out of my comfort zone so it quite is a big deal for me. Yay! Won’t tell you what it’s for though haha Point is, I tried, and that mere act of trying made me happy.

That’s just me on one of the very first steps of the design process – designing! But there is a fashion show tomorrow, Friday, April 20, 2012 by SoFA students if you want to witness their creations come to life. I heard there are guest designers too. Ticket’s Php100 but it’s for charity so you’ll be giving as well as receiving. See you there!