Dress, Dan Concepcion | Sunglasses, Forever21 | Combat boots, Sole Service

Photos by my mom 🙂

Should’ve worn these new combat boots I got to Fiamma for the Platform Mixer (instead of painful heels). I dunno if it’s the awesome styling from last Saturday’s shoot (deets of which I shall blog about when it’s released) or just the influence of my awesome friend Flor Trinidad, but I think you guys are gonna be seeing a lot more of these boots here. I never thought I’d be wearing combat boots but hey, since I got them I’ve been going gaga over them. Shoutout to Sole Service for these. <3

And also, remember my awesome friend Dan Concepcion? Well, he made me another dress. Okay, it was more of he made another dress, I saw it, liked it, fitted it and demanded that he give it to me. HAHA (but that kind of really is how things happened.) I told you guys you’ll be seeing more of his creations here.

I really do love this dress, and the designer, of course. It also has two flaps at the back. they look like fins. CUTE. hahaha and the pattern – with those Chinese characters- makes the dress interesting. More dresses, Dan. Please? 😉