It’s already 6PM and  still can’t bring myself to let go of that short but sweet break we had yesterday. I am desperately counting down the days ‘til the next holiday – 21, if you were wondering. Holidays are the absolute best – they provide breathers when they are much needed (read: always) and are the perfect excuse to disappear from the world. I kid.

Been feeling just a tad bit overwhelmed lately with everything that’s been going on with work.  As a result I have been googling time management tips with a fervent passion. Again, #truestory. (One of my favorites- Gretchen Rubin’s excerpt on time here from Happier at Home.)

Oh, if only there were more hours in a day.

Hmmm. But what would I do if there were?


While most of my day is spent attacking my keyboard, here are some of the rather fun things I can (and probably would) do given the chance.


Leisurely lounge around with a good book TIL I FINISH IT. I kid. Leisurely reading + an average of 300 pages would probably entail a 24hour marathon to complete.

smart7 copy

Bike around. OR actually learn how to bike – minus the training wheels.  More time would also equate to time to remove the knee pads I’m most likely going to wear. Braving the pavements without them would be so uncharacteristic of me. Another option – bring out a good CD (preferably a vinyl, though I don’t have a player nor a clue how to use one) and dance like the madwoman that I am.


Play hide and seek. Yes, that’s an option. Although, as an only child it would probably be to no avail. A better idea? CANDY CRUSH.


Take 3 rolls worth of outfit shots and blog them…immediately.

A few more awesome (and slightly weird) options include changing nail polish every so often, reading random chapters of The Secret, finally getting a bedtime ritual and maybe even cleaning my room? I have about 21,000 other ideas because honestly, sometimes, one day just really isn’t enough.

And while I may not get more time, I will definitely get more value with this new Smart promo. I recently made the switch to Smart and I’m loving their buffet of promos.

Their most recent one, the Smart Prepaid All Text 30 Plus entails unlimited All Network Text + 30 mins. worth of calls to Smart & Talk ‘n Text. It’s valid for 2 days – easily doubling the number of maximum texts you can send – I can just imagine how sociable I’d get. Just text AT30 to 2827 to avail of the promo.

AND to commemorate my big move – here’s a quick giveaway. I’ll be giving away Php 500 worth of Smart load to 4 lucky readers!

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 And I know below photo says “Live Happy” but shouldn’t we also #LiveMore? 😉

smart19  Special thanks to Heima for acting as my playground. You’ll see more of them in the coming posts. Visit them at #3 Brixton St., Kapitolyo, Pasig

Also to Gerry Robinson for the photos.