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Today is Word Wednesdays and I got a vocab lesson for you:

Oniochalasia (n) \oh–nee–oh–ka–LAY–sia\ : shopping as a way to relax, buying things to relieve stress.

I was only made aware recently by way of Instagram of the term used for shopping as a stress reliever (see above). There’s finally a word for it and I can’t wait to (ab)use it in day-to-day conversations. If the folks who make words (who are they, really?) decide to make an iteration of it to refer to an addict, one may call me that. Shopping has been and still is my favorite form of stress reliever just a notch below snuggling with my freshly-groomed puppies and a step above home massages.

This outfit is proof. The shoes I got from Charles & Keith and I wasn’t even that stressed. Kidding, blush pink maryjanes were a no-brainer. The skirt from one of my new favorite online brands, Klarra.com, is also a really satisfying choice. The woven fabric turned out to be even better than I expected and asymmetrical hemlines generally get me weak in the knees. Sometimes online purchases are big misses. Sizing is either two sizes too loose or too tight. And some brands have the ability to make the garment look 10x better photographed than in real life. Luckily, Klarra is true to size and true to form and I can’t wait to shop from them again.

And soon. I am admittedly oniochalasic (can I coin this?) and I’m pretty sure you are too. Let’s be relieved of stress together. Bump into you online. Don’t get the last size.


photos by Paul Mendoza