Jeans month is almost over but I’m having way too much fun to cut back on the denim posts. I know I started the month off with a basic white shirt and classic blue post, but I figured progression of some sort is necessary so here is a teeny step out of my comfort zone. I’m partial to darks, basics, solids – particularly blacks – but for some surprising reason, I was drawn to these seemingly-bleached jeans from Penshoppe. The kind where at first glance I knew I had to step out of the store with them in tow. And I did.

Interestingly (at least to me), all the pieces I paired them with I’m actually slightly addicted to. That seemed to work, thankfully. A pat on the back is in order for donning a snakeskin clutch with an already busy piece [jeans] plus a top that, although white, also has very intricate detailing. Baby steps, yes, but steps nonetheless to a literally brighter/busier and maybe slightly dizzying look.

And as I was racking my brain for more things to say about this look I realized I completely missed out on something important: yes, I got a haircut. I apologize for not stating the obvious sooner. A few hours post-Instagramming anything renders whatever it is ‘old news.’ Even ramen experiences that I would really want to have long conversations about are often deemed irrelevant after the notorious heart is sparingly bestowed – like I’m not allowed to be passionate about my #foodporn. And at the rate that this blog post is being given a “social injustices of social media” thrust, it should be obvious that I, indeed, am.

But I’m very passionate about #OOTDs too. So let me go back to celebrating my new-found love for print – or at least a printed piece. I repeat: baby steps. Virtual cheers?

Top, TOPSHOP | Jeans, PENSHOPPE | Snakeskin clutch, PARISIAN | Heels, RIVER ISLAND

ph by Paul Mendoza

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