overalls-alyssa-blogger-street-style3a overalls-alyssa-blogger-street-style4a    overalls-alyssa-blogger-street-style9

There are certain looks that make me feel more like a blogger. This is kind of one of them. Unearthed overalls from the depths of my closet and plucked it out of projected usability. Been kind of throwing it over everything when I’m 1) too lazy to think of matching bottoms and 2) too lazy for proper leg grooming. Truth.

These aren’t your typical denim overalls which slightly comforts me from the fact that I’ve bumped into so many people wearing overalls I wanted to hide and change. Over the years I have come to realize #twinning isn’t my thing. I used to enjoy being matchy-matchy with my BFF. We literally would buy the exact same dresses, pants and accessories. Then again, I was nine.

Zagging against zigs is a way of life, my friends. May both our sartorial paths be always highly individual.

Top, OLD NAVY | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK | Sunglasses, RAYBAN