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It’s a hard knock life, really. The kids of Annie had it right. Traffic sucks, work is draining (don’t tell my boss I said that) and it’s just tough to hear bad news on a daily, even hourly, basis.

Though I don’t do it as often as I should because I work mobile, am a freelancer and therefore spend my days typing away in my pajamas (I know, it doesn’t seem so tough after all), I do think every once in a while we owe it to ourselves to dress like rock stars. Falsely implied by my title, I don’t mean drinking ’til the morning light but feeling like a rock star on the inside. It sounds cheesy, I know, but I just saw Pitch Perfect 2 for the second time and am still uplifted by Flashlight.

Back to rock stars – if dressing like a literal one with an oversized hat, a leopard print item and a furry vest makes you feel like throwing confetti and party poppers, then do it. If it’s a sequined Bulls jersey a la Beyonce, you can go for that too and don’t forget to tell me where to get one. (The number of pop culture references in this blog post is making me proud of my social media-induced knowledge.)

I shot this look for Menina Step, a brand of flats making its debut on May 30 in Powerplant, Rockwell all the way from Spain. I usually stray from ballet flats because the promise of comfort is never met and I end up with blisters on my ankles. Luckily, I really do like this brand style- and comfort-wise and can’t wait to hoard more pairs than my closet (or mom) can handle. Shoutout to Suiteblanco – a label of the same point of origin, how fitting – for an equally comfortable vest. I could literally hug my (faux) furry self all day.

The vest calls for 24/7 AC but I’m willing to up my electricity consumption on my special days when I want to feel great. Remember this new decree: wear what makes you feel like a rock star. Or Beyonce. Everybody wants to feel like Beyonce.

Photos by Karlo Torio 

Vest and denim jeans, SUITEBLANCO | Flats, MENINA STEP