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It was a jam-packed day for a relatively skimpy outfit. But isn’t that always my #beautifulstory? Headed to have lunch with Pond’s and learned so much – enough to be extremely pretentious – about beauty products, SPF, skin care and double letter beauty products when we were discussing (or dissecting) the new variant of Pond’s BB Cream Flawless White in Beige.  And because my geeky friends (read: grown dudes), may not indulge my legally blonde moment of beauty prowess, let me be slightly pretentious here instead.

Global warming has basically ruined it for both our lives and our skins that products with SPF 15 don’t cut it anymore and SPF 30 has to be the new minimum. As a non-SPF wearer, I feel inclined to point out that my dark spots are getting darker and darker and bigger and bigger as days go by and my lazy ass better start using SPF religiously from now on. The new Pond’s BB Cream has SPF 30++ which means it not only protects your skin from getting dark spots but it also lightens the ones you already have. (I know, music to my ears too.) But other than cool features like that, it’s still essentially a beauty product that can be used in lieu of foundation or as a primer to it. The finish is matte and it comes in two shades – light and beige (which essentially both blend pretty wondrously anyway). I remember picking up my first BB cream from Target a while back and have been on the hunt for a new brand to abuse. I’ve been using Pond’s products for about a decade now so I trust the brand and have faith in this new product.

Enough of my faux beauty know-how (though I hope it helped). Kind of panicked a bit when everyone seemed to be in white while I was in shocking pink. I guess it just made sense for people to wear the brand’s color while it made sense to me to wear my current color obsession that’s been translated to outfits more than I care to admit and Insta-share. I realized after taking photos that this dress actually looks exactly like something I already blogged before which kind of makes me wonder what my closet has come to – full of similar pieces and maybe (just maybe) unwise, unnecessary purchases.

I guess when it comes to pink I become even more stereotypical. More than Legally Blonde, more than Karen Smith. Because it was a Tuesday and I still wore pink.

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photos by Tracy Ayson