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pink1 pink7 pink8 pink10pink13 pink16 pink17 pink18A lot of times people opt to elevate their outfits both figuratively (with gold accents and glam make up) and literally (heels). Then there are times when we try our best to downgrade them. Although it doesn’t seem to happen much in my circle, I’m pretty sure there are some people like me akin to downplaying outfits too.

I wore this dress to celebrate my birthday last month and to match the occasion, I paired it with heels. (Still didn’t match how special it really was but you get the point.) While this dress is on the dressier side, I took it, flipped it and partnered it with a devil-may-care attitude this time with the most downplay-able items I own: my Nike sliders. They scream slippers (mostly because they are), but 1) they’re comfortable and 2) they’re on trend so I could somewhat get away with wearing them out.

To anyone who judges me here’s my battle plan: I’d stare, say “normcore” with an annoyed shrug and pray they get confused enough to leave me and my slippers alone. If they’re persistent about their disapproval towards my slippers, I’ll give them a lecture on the new trend that may or may not be accurate but will sound it just the same.

I guess I also wore the slippers out mostly because I looked for these everywhere – tried to ship it to Michigan but Asos doesn’t ship these to the US and then I finally found them in Guam albeit with a $3 price hike. And if I hunted them down for that long, I’m wearing them for an even longer time. Get ready to see them everywhere.

I’m also trying to get my Birkenstocks past bouncers at bars but haven’t had any luck yet. If you have, let me know so I can try my hand at these slides next. You just never know.

Dress, FOREVER 21 | Sliders, NIKE | Sunglasses, RAY BAN | Bag, NINE WEST