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Been out and about a lot recently – the good kind though where you get to experience new things and take in everything you can. Although if you’re anything like me, you probably always leave feeling like you want to take in even more – making your lust for life ever insatiable.

Finally settled back in Manila today from Vietnam. I owe you guys a bunch of other recent trips I have yet to blog (aka Europe) but I think I’ll start with the most recent one because remembering oriental places and names eats up so much more memory space in my brain all because said brain didn’t think to write them down in the first place. I overestimate the retention capabilities of my memory a little too much.

Although there were honestly so many things that I got to do/see in Vietnam, here are some photos from my vacation in a vacation, my Mui Ne pool experience. I knew I’d be lounging by the pool I just didn’t expect the pool to be this awesome – complete with a pool bar that serves the most amazing drinks (shoutout to the Cliff Resort & Residences). Good thing I got a Yamamay bikini right before I left. A plain, recycled Bora bikini wouldn’t have done the experience justice.

Leaving you guys with a bunch of water photos because 1) the whole trip was so jam-packed it deserves – and mostly demands – more than one blog post and 2) it’s still summer and these photos might just inspire you guys to book a trip to the nearest resort (which I highly suggest you do stat).

Take me with you?

Bikini, YAMAMAY | Coverup, SABRINA BY TEENA TAN | Sunglasses, FORMEĀ 

Location: The Cliff Resort & Residences